About reserving a product

To reserve and purchase an item

  • Add product / goods to the basket.
  • Go too the checkout.
  • Write your name and address etc.
  • Write in the comment box if you wish to collect the items, or require transport by Post Nord or GLS. Or transport with Jh Transport.
  • You will receive a confirmation by email and a possibly. deals on transportation or price for package postage..
  • If you want transport you receive an email from Jh Transport with the conditions of supply and a link to the payment of transport. Then contact Jh Transport you supply agreement.
  • If you choose to pick up yourself, the items must be picked up within 8 days after payment. (Unless otherwise agreed)
  • Pay then by bank deposit within 3 business days. Please include your name.
  • Reserving an item is max. 3 working days then delete the reservation.